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Custom Hydraulic Components, Inc.

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We manufacture electric-controlled state-of-the-art Marine Hydraulic Steering Systems for all types of water vessels.

Our main customers are Tugs, Tow Boats, and Push Boats. We also serve commercial fishing boats.

Marine Steering Systems made by Custom Hydraulic Components, Inc. - Harvey, LA

Our Services

Hydraulic Steering Systems

Hydraulic steering systems use a lightweight hydraulic hose to control the steering. Our steering systems allow larger or high-powered vessels, like tugs, a smooth, lightweight feel when turning the steering wheel. It enables greater control and responsiveness with turns and sharp veers on open waters.

The steering system you choose will depend mainly on the requirements of your boat including its size, the engine trim, and propeller and we can advise you on what may be best for the vessel you are building. Also with fewer metal parts than a mechanical system, hydraulic steering has the added benefit of being more resistant to corrosion. We are fortunate that many customers specify our systems for their needs.

Our Services

Service & repair

We provide maintenance of our installed systems to keep them operating as they were designed.

Proper maintenance allows for the continuous efficient and reliable operation of your vessel. Additionally, when the occasion arises, we provide repair and new part installation.

We come to the customer at the dry dock or repair dock which makes it easier on our customers. We are available 24/7 365 days a year!

Marine Hydraulic Maintenance and Repair by Custom Hydraulic Components, Inc. - Harvey, LA

Custom Hydraulic Components, Inc.

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In addition to manufacturing, we also provide maintenance and repair. These are valuable systems, and we understand the importance that they function consistently and efficiently. We go to the customer at dry docks and repair docks to do maintenance, install new parts, and/or repair as needed. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year!